Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pak Din and Andrey Arshavin Once Said That the Bad Drivers Are the...

Due to the (admittedly) insensitive nature of the post under the same title, and the fact that my blog has become surprisingly popular and reaches far and wide, including the intended target of my post, the original post has been removed after 12 hours in cyberspace, to avoid further conflict and as a demonstration of peace.

To the person concerned, thank you very much for the ice-cream, I love Cornetto, and if possible, I would love to make it up to you by asking you out to dinner. No, I do not want the money for the car scratch, because my dad said it was ok. The only reason I went high and mighty in my ranting was that I was in the mood for angry upsetness towards a kampung midget I am currently having issues with. And that person is not you.

Gambar raya. Maaf zahir dan batin.

Again, I'm sorry. I don't think words are enough to express how I feel, so I dedicate this video to express how sorry I am.

Btw, I still think Pak Din and Andrey Arshavin were right. (To avoid controversy, not all) female drivers are bad drivers. Cheers! :D

*The original post is now being kept as a draft for future reference. Probably when I am old and only have memories left to resort to keep me smiling. The post is retrievable upon request, though to avoid further conflict, only those I trust will be granted permission.

**Apparently, 1/3 of people are excited about the fact that today is 10/10/10. Our national space tourist weds today. I didn't know being a space tourist can give you celebrity status.